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The Trivio wheel bag is a simple yet stylish way to safely transport or store your wheels. With its practical handles, pocket for accessories and sturdy zipper, the Trivio wheel bag makes it easy to transport your wheels wherever you need them. The bags come in two models: the Road and the 29 Inch. The wheel bags are the perfect protection for your wheels!

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    Protect your precious bicycle wheels, you never know what they will experience during transport. Cycling holidays are fun but you also want to get your equipment to your destination unscathed. The Trivio wheel bag is a guardian angel for your coveted bicycle wheels. It has a sturdy padding that absorbs impact. The accessory bag with zipper is useful for quick-release skewers, thru axles, tubeless accessories, inner tubes, etc. There is also a plastic plate on the inside of the bag that provides extra protection for the hub and brake disc rotor. There are two variants of this wheel bag. A standard variant for racing bike, gravel, or other 28" wheel sizes. And also a slightly larger and wider version for MTB 29" wheels because these tires are just a little higher and wider.

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