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Planning to cycle in the rain or through the mud? A mudguard will help to keep you less wet and dirty, as well as protecting your bike from water and mud splashes. Trivio has various types and sizes of mudguards for you. We stock different mudguard sets for mountain bikes and touring bike, as well as a handy butt saver for your racing bike or mountain bike. This compact mudguard is light in weight and quick and easy to mount. Take it along for that unexpected rain shower. 


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  • Trivio - Mudguard Set MTB 28-29 Inch

    This Trivio mudguard set provides protection against splashing water and mud. These fenders are easy to assemble and suitable for mountain bikes with 28" and 29" wheels. Thanks to their width they keep you protected from all dirt and splashing water.

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  • Trivio - Mudguard MTB Mudflap Mountainbike

    MTB Mudflap keeps you protected from all splashing water and mud. You will stay clean even on the muddiest course. You can attach it to the down tube of your bike frame. The rubber belts are easy to clamp around the tube and to loosen again.
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