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Trivio - cycling with a smile

It was out on rides that we noticed there were lots of accessories and components we lacked that would have really boosted our cycling fun. We were enthusiastic cycling fanatics with knowledge and experience of the cycle industry and were very keen to change this situation. Not just for ourselves, but also for all those cycling enthusiasts we encountered on our way.

It was these thoughts that led to the idea of launching Trivio. We turned this idea into reality in 2007. It started with a limited number of products has since evolved into an extensive range of more than 500 components and accessories. The range includes products for racing bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, city bikes, and trekking bikes.

Our passion is the basis of the products and services we offer. We want you to cycle with a smile every time. This is our inspiration in developing all our items. Enjoy every ride with Trivio!

Cycling with a smile

Pleasure. Enjoyment. Adventure. Carefree cycling with a smile. We keep these words in mind as we develop our products and services. Our aim is for you to enjoy every single bicycle trip. We want you to have fun on your bike ride. Whether it's your weekly relaxed ride through the rolling Limburg countryside or your personal challenge to climb every mountain pass in France.

Pleasure is at the heart of everything we do. It's our belief that delight, enjoyment and enthusiasm are key to this pleasure. We are pleased to be playing our part in this.

We are driven in what we do, focusing on making accessories and components. Our products inspire and motivate you. So that every pedal stroke you make is just right.

We are happy to enhance your cycling experience with pleasure and passion. Every adventure, large or small, is an unforgettable experience in itself. We think every bicycle ride you take is important. You experience the freedom that cycling entails. Adventure beckons.

We base our work on important building blocks that ensure our products guarantee the values mentioned above. Durability is the first important building block. We want you to feel carefree whenever you are on your bike. You have nothing to worry about, because you know you can totally rely on the quality of our products every time.

We are committed and aim to continuously improve our products and services. That is why we really value your opinions and your experiences. Has something gone wrong, for example? Are you having second thoughts? Or do you simply want to share your enthusiasm and passion for your bicycle? We are happy to think about how we can make your smile as you cycle even broader.

Now, years after we started, we can honestly say that our passion for cycling is even greater than before. As genuine cycling fanatics, we know only too well what you need in order to experience your ultimate cycle ride to the full. Are ready for yet more adventure, yet more pleasure, and countless carefree cycling kilometres?