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At Trivio we offer a range of strong yet lightweight computer brackets for various GPS systems and bike computers. Our brackets enable you to mount your bike computer in front of your handlebar instead of directly on top. This makes it easier to read, as well as being better for your cycling posture. What's more, the computer brackets are extremely aerodynamic as the mount of the computer bracket is never higher than the stem.

Trivio computer brackets are suitable for Garmin, Bryton and Mio bike computers.

Computer bracket

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  • Trivio - Bike Mount for Garmin 200/500/800 Ø31.8MM (+Shim Ø28.6MM) ABS Black

    Keep your eyes on the road while navigating and analyzing your performance. This Trivio Bike Mount for Garmin devices positions the cycling computer or navigation in front instead of on the handlebar. This makes your gaze automatically forward instead of downward. This will also cause less neck problems.
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  • Trivio - Bike Mount for Garmin / Wahoo / Bryton Ø31.8MM (+Shim Ø25.4/22.2MM) Aluminium Black

    With your bicycle computer in front, instead of on top of your handlebar, it's easier to see the data. In addition, you also have a better view of road and traffic. With the Trivio bikemount you can easily snap your Garmin, Bryton or Wahoo device (adapters included). Thanks to the supplied adapters, it fits all standard handlebar diameters. The aluminium bikemount is very light but also sturdy and robust. Thanks to its low point of fixation, your bicycle computer does not exceed the handlebar and the cockpit becomes an aerodynamic unity.

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