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Youth is the future

By: Giel Meessen


Early this year, thanks to our sponsorship deal with Trivio, the members of the T.W.C. Maaslandster's Elite/Belofte team were given Trivio helmets and sunglasses for all our cycling adventures. I will come back to the Imaginair sunglasses in a later blog, but here I'd like to talk about the helmet, the Trivio Ridge in white and red. My helmet has already covered quite a few kilometres during races and training. So I'd like to share my experience of this helmet with you.

I've never previously worn a team helmet, but have nothing but praise for the Trivio Ridge. When it comes to looks, the Ridge is a very stylish helmet with a ‘traditional’ character. Personally, I think it looks better than the aero helmets, which are catching on more and more nowadays. The helmet's colour too goes perfectly with our club outfit. It looks professional to have everyone cycling in the same helmet. 

Adjusting the Ridge is very easy. There are clips on both sides, so you can position the side bands in front of and behind your ears. There's a handy knob at the back of the helmet to tighten it round your head. You can easily change this while cycling, just by turning it to the left or right. Once it has been adjusted, the helmet is very comfortable, with good ventilation through the numerous gaps on the front and rear. This means I'm not affected by the heat on hot days. With other helmets, I've often found that they did not cool down enough, causing sweat to run down into your eyes. 

When it comes to preventing injuries during falls, I'm lucky not to speak from experience, but several of my team mates have hit the ground. The most important function of the helmet - that is, to protect your head - worked well for them. The Trivio Ridge helmet does not feature the new MIPS technology, but Trivio may be introducing it in the near future. All in all, I am really pleased that the sponsorship deal means we've got these great and stylish helmets!