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Test: Trivio Guide Parts

Luc Eijssen, an up-and-coming rider of TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg, tested the new Trivio Guide bicycle parts for us. Read about his experiences here!

In cooperation with Trivio, I was able to test its new Trivio Guide parts: the Guide aero handlebars, Guide handlebar stem and Guide seat post.

The racing bike is every cyclist’s pride and joy, no matter what level they ride at. It has to be kept in tip-top condition; ideally you should wash down your showpiece every day so that everything stays shiny. With the new Trivio Guide parts, I have made a huge improvement to my equipment.

The beautiful matt black design of the handlebars, the stem and the seat post exudes class and adds a great twist to any bike. In my view these parts match both gloss and matt-finished frames, either way standing out in a positive manner. The material owes this quality to its fast, well-finished design and line work.

For the first few metres I rode with the new parts, I had the feeling I was on another bicycle. I had no idea that changing the handlebars, stem and seat post would make such a huge difference. In the saddle, the comfort was wonderful. I instantly felt that I had more control over my bike. This was because the supporting surface was wider than I am normally used to. What also struck me immediately was the shock absorption. Riding over speed bumps, cobblestones and a poor road surface all felt really smooth. Shocks were so well absorbed that I almost forgot the road was so badly paved.

To gain a complete picture of the new parts, I did a series of tests while climbing, sprinting, descending and adopting an aerodynamic posture.


The wider supporting surface for your palms ensures that you have plenty of grip when your hands are on top of the handlebars. Whether your hands are large or smaller, you have complete control over your bike and steering is incredibly smooth because it responds so quickly to your movements. At the same time the handlebars offer a huge degree of comfort, meaning that I was able to put all my strength into the climb.

Even standing on the pedals, I retained full control because I had a lot of grip both on top of the handlebars and right on top, next to the shifters. 


The angle of the grips on these handlebars is somewhat smaller than I am used to. Whilst sprinting, I felt that I was being pushed right into the handlebars and could easily put my weight and strength into pedalling. Because of their aerodynamic upper section, this has direct consequences in terms of achieving an even higher speed and so gaining an extra advantage. 

Your hands are close to the shifters, too, making it easy to switch gear up or down without changing their position. 


These aero handlebars live up to their name. When bent right over them, my posture was far more streamlined. Because the handlebars are not very wide, I was also very agile in corners. This allowed me to correct quickly and smoothly, manoeuvring much better on less energy. 

Aerodynamic posture

This whole package of Trivio Guide components simply makes you more aerodynamic. Whether you have your hands on top of the handlebars or underneath in the grips, your posture remains streamlined. This gives you the feeling that you are not wasting energy unnecessarily. That you are riding faster for the same effort, whilst at same time enjoying a lot of comfort from the handlebars, the stem and the seat post. This makes these Trivio Guide parts a top choice for every cyclist.

I very much enjoyed with my first rides with these new parts, and am really looking forward to more. Their lovely streamlined finish makes for great looks. On top of that, I no longer have to worry about my aerodynamic posture or how to absorb shocks when I need to. The Trivio Guide parts do that for me!