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Ideal sunglasses for races!

By: Giel Meessen

Maaslandster glasses

I wrote a blog earlier about Trivio Ridge helmets. Thanks to our sponsoring deal with Trivio, we not only got helmets at the beginning of 2018 but were also given Trivio Imaginair sunglasses. The Imaginair are in white and red, a great match with the Trivio Ridge helmet. As well as the glasses themselves, there are three sets of lenses, dark, transparent and yellow. This all comes in a handy case so you can keep your glasses safe when you take them with you on rides. 

I myself prefer riding with the dark lenses in good weather and with the transparent ones when it's raining. The dark lenses have a great tint; from the outside they look blue, but you don't notice this looking out. It's really easy to change the lenses: you just bend the top and bottom of the frame a bit apart and slide the lenses out to the side. The glasses have small but nice nose pads which fit snugly on your nose. There's only one tiny minus point, and it's that the rim continues all the way underneath the lens. This makes it more difficult to look behind you under your elbow during a race. In a nutshell, I'm really happy with the Imaginair!

I've also been using Trivio Vento sunglasses recently. For comfort, they're as good as the Trivio Imaginair. They've got bigger nose pads and shorter arms, but are just as comfortable a fit. The rim on these glasses doesn't continue all the way round the frames, leaving the underside free and the glasses are made up of a single lens. De Vento has the same case and the lenses also come in the same three colours, dark, transparent and yellow. As far as looks go, I think the Vento is maybe even nicer than the Trivio Imaginair, but both are really great glasses!