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Bad luck on the road? Trivio will help!

It happened to our mechanic often enough to write a book about it. Bad luck while cycling. How does he solve his bike troubles on the road? Which accessories does he use on the road? In his blog you can read the best tips and tricks about bad luck en route. With these tips and tricks you can cycle with a carefree feeling!

It happens to everyone at some point… A flat tyre just when you're enjoying a great cycle ride.

A proper check of your gear before you set out can already save you a lot of trouble. For example, start by checking your tyres before every ride. Are they at the right pressure? Are they in good condition? Are there any tears, or stones stuck in the tread? These are things you can check beforehand to reduce your chances of getting a puncture.

Besides checking your tyres, it's very important to take enough spare parts along with you! You should never leave home without your Trivio inner tubes together with a Trivio lever set and a Trivio Co2 adapter. 

But how are you supposed to carry all this kit? “I've already got so much stuff stashed in my cycling jersey” is an often-heard comment. A Trivio saddlebag is a neat and tidy solution, offering plenty of space for everything you need for a successful roadside repair. The Trivio Tool Bottle also provides a safe way to carry all your spares; don't forget this means there's no room for your second water bottle, though! 

On the road? Here are some handy tips for if, despite all your precautions, you need to carry out a roadside repair:

You've got a puncture and need to change a tyre.

  • Make sure you're in a safe place before you begin
  • For a puncture in a rear tyre, shift the chain onto the smallest chainring of the crankset and the smallest cog in the rear wheel cassette to create the greatest amount of slack in the chain before removing the wheel.
  • Once you’ve removed the wheel, carefully lay the bike on the ground, NOT on the side of the rear derailleur, as this could damage the derailleur.
  • Use your Trivio tyre levers to remove the tyre.
  • First unseat the outer tyre from one side of the rim.
  • Then remove the inner tube, remembering to first remove the valve cap and nut if present.
  • Check the outside of the tyre for any damage or sharp objects and remove these if possible. You can use the Trivio tyre lever for this if required. Then carefully check the inside of the outer tyre. Watch out for glass splinters and thorns! 
  • While you're at it, check that the rim tape is still positioned neatly in the centre of the rim.
  • Once you've removed the old inner tube and checked everything thoroughly, it's time to fit the new inner tube. Inflate the new inner tube slightly – you can use the Trivio CO2 adapter for this by carefully turning the valve open. This will give the inner tube a little more shape, making it easier to fit.
  •  Once the inner tube is fitted in the outer tyre, you can refit the outer tyre onto the rim. The most commonly used method for this is to start on the opposite side to the valve. Press the outer tyre neatly back into the rim, making sure that the inner tube doesn't get trapped between the outer tyre and the rim. The last bit can be stubborn, so you can use the Trivio tyre lever to help pull the last section over the rim. You must be extremely careful here that the inner tube doesn't get trapped or twisted. 
  • Before completely re-inflating the inner tube, check all the way around that the outer tyre is completely and correctly fitted on the rim. Once you've checked this, attach the Trivio CO2 cartridge to the valve and inflate the tyre by turning the valve on the adapter. Always check that the Trivio CO2 cartridge is covered by the neoprene sleeve as the release of pressurised air will cause the cartridge to become very cold. The neoprene sleeve will protect you against cold burns. Once your CO2 cartridge is empty, you can re-use the neoprene sleeve on a new cartridge.
  • You're nearly ready to get back in the saddle! Put the wheel back on your bike using the same steps as for removal, only in reverse order. Check that the wheel turns without any problems in the frame or fork. For the rear wheel, switch to a lower gear before you start cycling. Now you're all ready to enjoy your cycle ride once more!

Other problems on the road? We're on it!

Trivio hasn't just thought of how to deal with tyre troubles. Use a Trivio 12 in 1 Multitool to tighten up a slipping seatpost or loose headset, or quickly solve any other nut-related problems along the way. Its compact size means that this tool also easily fits into your Trivio saddlebag or Tool Bottle. The 12-part Trivio Mini Tool contains all hex screw sizes from 2 to 6 mm as well as T25 and T30 Torx bits. And of course there are flat and cross-head screwdrivers, in two sizes, making a grand total of twelve tools, so you can set off on your bike with no worries. 

These tips & tricks will have you back on the road in next to no time. For yet more adventure, more pleasure, and countless carefree cycling kilometres, order the Tyre Lever set, Co2 adapter + cartridge and the Multitool 12-in-1 in one package for only € 25.58!