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A saddlebag is an ideal accessory for road racers and mountain bikers. It is the ideal way to carry a spare inner tube, CO2 adapter, minitool and tyre levers, ensuring that you're well prepared for trouble on the road and can continue your journey quickly. The handy mounting system means you can fix the saddlebag to your saddle quickly and easily. We offer a range of different models and sizes of saddlebags to meet your needs, whatever you take with you. 


Saddle bags

Handy and safe saddlebags for every kind of cyclist

Our saddlebags are a must for every road racer or mountain biker. We offer saddlebags in different sizes as well as with different mounting systems. The strap system uses Velcro straps to firmly attach the saddlebag under any type of saddle. The click system needs to be mounted under your saddle so that you can simply click the saddlebag on and off.

All our saddlebags have a water-resistant zip fastener and extra foam padding to keep the contents of the bag safe and dry. The saddlebags also have a reflective strip on the rear to ensure extra visibility on the road. You can also use this rear reflective strip on the saddlebag to attach your rear light.

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