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Trivio Stems

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    The Trivio Guide components guide every sport cyclist to a higher level.

    The guide stem from 3D forged 6061 aluminum forms an efficient bridge between handlebar and fork. Choose the appropriate length for optimal bike positioning. With only 110g (100mm) this stem keeps every racing bike on a tight weight. Of course the look is also important. The stylish design with a minimalist black-on-black logo imprint exudes class and sophistication.

    Combine the Guide bike parts for perfect performance in a stylish design.

    Available in multiple variants

    You can rely on the Trivio Trust bicycle parts during every ride. The Trust stem is made of 3D forged 6061-T6 aluminum. This results in a light yet sturdy stem. He has different length versions. Choose the length that determines your optimal bike position and enjoy comfortable cycling adventures. With its reversible logo imprint you can also point it upwards so your handlebars are positioned higher. The logo and line decals on the Trust bike parts are stylish and fit every bike.

    Available in multiple variants