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    The aluminum Road pedals from Trivio ensure a smooth in and out mechanism for safe and comfortable bike rides. An aerodynamic design and lightweight material (308g/pair) make them a real winner in their class. Thanks to their strength regulation, you determine how much power you need to click in or out. The brushed aluminum pedal surface gives these pedals a very refined finish. They are available in a black or white version. The pedals come with cleats and bolts. The click mechanism is also compatible with Look Keo cleats.


    Super Cell is the most powerful weapon in the Trivio pump range. This aluminum floor pump can be used in two ways. In the 'For Tire' mode, you can pump the air in a traditional way directly into your tire. In the 'For tank' mode you can build up the pressure in an internal air chamber tank. The built-in pressure can then be released by means of a valve. This provides a very powerful air pressure boost required for the assembly of tubeless tires. With Super Cell, you build up to 18bar (260PSI). Its high quality steel pump head fits Presta, Shrader and Dunlop valves. Due to a good clamping mechanism, the pump head does not jump of during pumping. Super Cell is the perfect handler of tubeless riders.
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    Fix your own bike from now on. This starter toolbox contains all tools to perform basic repairs. These are made of hardened steel and offer a very attractive price/quality ratio. Content: Crank puller, Crank puller adapter for Shimano and ISIS BB, Tire patch kit, Key to left BB cup, Wrench 8x10mm, 2 +/- screwdrivers, Wrench 14x15mm, Chain tool, 6-inch adjustable wrench, Tyre levers, Chain whip, Hexkey set: 2 / 2,5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10mm, Cone keys: 13 / 14 / 15 / 16mm, 10-15G Spoke nipple adjuster, 1/2 adapter sockets, Allen key 8mm for demounting cranks, Shimano cassette remover tool, Shimano ISIS cartridge tool.

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    The Trivio Hurricane is a luxury, light-weight floor pump that brings your tyres up to pressure in record time. This top-of-the-line, polished aluminium model has an easy-to-read gauge, and the reference arrow enables you to specify the same pressure every time. The Hurricane pumps up to 16 bar (240 psi). The high-quality metal head is compatible with Presta, Dunlop and Schrader air valves. It also features a vent knob so that you can release any excess air after pumping up the tyre, which prevents the head from flying off the valve. The luxurious wooden handle offers a firm and comfortable grip.
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    With this professional bike repair stand cleaning, repairing and adjusting your bike becomes an easy job. The clamping mechanism clamps on the seat post or the frame. Beware with carbon frames that the pressure on the carbon does not get too high. This can damage your frame or components. The maintaining support is adjustable in height. It has a handy tray to put in tools and maintenance products.
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