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HEADSET PRO SEMI 1-1/8 45/45 15MM

HEADSET PRO SEMI 1-1/8 45/45 15MM 1 HEADSET PRO SEMI 1-1/8 45/45 15MM 2
HEADSET PRO SEMI 1-1/8 45/45 15MM 1 HEADSET PRO SEMI 1-1/8 45/45 15MM 2


Trivio PRO headset ensures optimum steering behavior. Industrial bearings with high quality sealing convert your steering action smooth and directly to the front wheel. This makes your bike so agile that you take every turn with great confidence and precision. This version is semi-integrated. This means that the bearings are put in plastic cups which are pressed into the frame. Furthermore this headset fits 1-1/8" standards. Its cover spacer has a height of 15mm. This leads to a more comfortable position on the bike.

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  • Article codeTRV-HS-008
  • EAN8718223010080
  • BrandTRIVIO
  • ColourBlack
  • ModelPRO
  • MaterialSteel / Aluminum
  • Material typeAluminum
  • Headset size1 1/8"
  • Bearing angle inner lower bearing45
  • Bearing inner diameter lower30 mm
  • Bearing inner diameter upper28.6 mm
  • Bearing outer diameter lower41 mm
  • Integration methodPress fit (Semi integrated)
  • Bearing outer diameter upper41 mm
  • Headset partSet
  • Headtube inner diameter lower44 mm
  • Headtube inner diameter upper44 mm
  • Headtube outer diameter lower50 mm
  • Headtube outer diameter upper50 mm
  • Inner bearing angle upper bearing45 °
  • Outer bearing angle lower bearing45
  • Outer bearing angle upper bearing45 °
  • Steerertube diameter lower30 mm
  • Steerertube diameter upper28.6 mm