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Trivio offers a very wide range of bicycle components. We provide the most functional and durable components for racing bikes and mountain bikes alike. To gain as much pleasure from your bike as possible, it is important to look after it on a regular basis and to replace components, where necessary. Thanks to Trivio, you can be sure of always having the right products for your bike and of enjoying every ride, worry-free.


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    Extenders are the perfect solution when standard valves are not long enough for higher carbon rims. Unscrew the valve cup of the Presta valve and screw the extender onto the valve using the mounting tool. Calculate in advance which length is needed on the basis of the valve length of the inner tube and the rim height of your wheel. These extenders are 80 mm long.
    Available in multiple variants

Need bike components? At Trivio, you will find everything you need!

Looking for a specific component for your racing or mountain bike? Have a look at our range and find the parts you need. We have inner tubes, brake pads, grips, and bar tape for your minor maintenance needs. On the other hand, you may be planning to seriously upgrade your bike, in which case it could be our seat posts, handlebars, stems, and chainrings that you are looking for. As long as you have the right components for your bike, you are perfectly placed to maintain it properly, regardless of whether it concerns a small replacement model or a major upgrade.

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