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Trivio bidonhouders

It's really important to look after your body during long cycling trips. You always take food and drink with you. So good bottle cages are an essential item for your bicycle. Trivio has a wide range of bottle cages, made of carbon, aluminium, and plastic. These stylish bottle cages hold your bottle perfectly in place, even over the bumpiest of cobblestones, ensuring you never lose a bottle again.


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Bottle cages and accessories

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    Slimline is the bottle cage for true weight weenies. With only 18 grams per cage, it guarantees a substantial weight saving over its competitors. In addition, this holder clampes perfectly. Even during hard hits he makes sure you never lose your bottle. Its minimalistic design comes to its fullest on every sports bike. This model is available in 3K, UD or Marble version.

Bottle cages in all shapes and sizes

We offer a range of elegant bottle cages in various models and materials so you can choose the Trivio bottle cage that best meets your needs. If you're a true climber where every gram counts, choose one of our carbon bottle cages. And if looks and functionality are what you're looking for, our plastic or aluminium bottle cages offer the perfect solution.

All our bottle cages:

  • Have optimum grip
  • Are lightweight
  • Come in a range of colours