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Gift ideas for under the Christmas tree ( €0 - €25 )

Want to surprise your cycling friends at Christmas with a few useful, fun gadgets? Trivio has everything they need, so here are five tips for gifts under 20 euros which will ensure that they will remember you throughout the cycling season.

Tyre mounting pliers ( €9,99 )

You know them well: tyres like Vittoria Rubinos or Campagnolo Euru. They are guaranteed to leave you swearing and sweating and give you blisters as you try to mount these stiff tyres onto bike wheels that always seem to be just too big. Enter Trivio tyre pliers. Place the wedge under the rim bed and the upper jaw of the pliers against the side wall of the tyre. Squeeze the pliers together and simply pull the tyre onto the rim. It works even for those tough Rubinos.

CO2 adapter + 16 gram cartridge + neoprene sleeve ( €11,99 )

Surely no one still pumps up a flat tyre manually anymore? But if you have a cycling friend who does, give them a gift to bring them into the 21st century. The next time they get a puncture when it’s pouring with rain and freezing cold, the CO2 adapter will help them on their way again in no time and they’ll think of you.

12 in 1 Multi-tool ( €15,98 )

Another gift that will help your cycling pals to think of you the next time their bike lets them down. This multi-tool not only looks stylish, but it also contains 12 steel tools: Hex sizes 2,2.5,3,4,5 and 6, Torx sizes T25 and T30, two cross screwdrivers (PH1 and PH2) and two flat screwdrivers (Flat 4 and 6). 

Front wheel bike stand ( €9,99 )

This might seem like a gadget for real neatness freaks, but a bike stand for the front wheel is functional too. Because it holds the front wheel straight, it won’t knock against the frame and damage the paintwork. Apart from that, it’s the ultimate gadget for showing off your bike in prime condition. Every time the person who receives this gift from you stands back to admire their bike after cleaning it, they will think of you.

Saddle Bag Pro Strap M ( €19,99 )

And how will the cyclist carry around all these handy Trivio gifts? In a saddle bag of course. (It might be better to leave the tyre mounting pliers and the bike stand at home, though). There’s plenty of room for the CO2 adapter, multi-tool and other gadgets, and it's a safety feature too. In addition to the reflective logo, this saddle bag still has room to attach a light. Christmas lights maybe?