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Down to work with Trivio's maintenance products

By: Sander Jansen

Blog Sander Jansen

As the testing editor of the cycling platform, I get my hands on a lot of bicycles and accessories. Some are better than others and even though bicycles are not generally for long-term use, maintenance obviously has a major role to play. Even if it's only because I don’t like riding a bicycle that's dirty.

This year, I have started using Trivio products for my maintenance, and it’s great fun and very easy. The basis for most jobs is the Elite work stand, a handy, lightweight stand made of aluminium. It holds both racing bikes and mountain bikes firmly in place, making it easy for me to work on the components.

And I do that work with the help of the excellent professional Pro Toolbox. The toolbox has pretty much everything I regularly need for work on the bikes. Changing a cassette quickly is a piece of cake with the chain whip. The pedal wrench makes easy work of loosening the pedals - which you have to do quite a lot if you change bicycles often. The grip is made of sturdy rubber, and so lives up to the name. So far, there hasn't been a single occasion when I was unable to loosen the pedals. The other tools are top quality as well, which in the case of a set of Allen keys, for instance, is very useful.

After cleaning the bicycle - and the various Trivio cleaning brushes are ideal for this - the Super Cell pump ensures that the tyres are at the right pressure. The calibration could have been slightly bigger - the maximum pressure of 18 bar, means that it's not easy to read, say, 1.75 bar for a mountain bike. Still, this is not an insurmountable problem and it is perfectly possible to pump up the tyres accurately enough.

I noticed the big advantage of the Super Cell pomp when I was recently fitting tubeless tyres on a racing bicycle. Thanks to the ‘For Tank’ mode, the pressure can be built up in the pump itself and be pumped into the tyre in one go. You need this whenever you are fitting tubeless tyres, because with a conventional pump, they will not end up in the correct position. In that case, you would always need a compressor. But with this pump you don’t, which is ideal.

The last tool I use regularly is the Trivio Suspension/Shock pump. For the best-possible experience on a full-suspension mountain bike, I think it's very important that the pressure in both shocks is exactly right. This is child’s play, thanks to this small, practical pump, which is also really easy to take along for a weekend in the Ardennes.

It's pretty obvious that I very much enjoy using the various Trivio products. They do what I want from products of this kind; they do not come with long and complicated instructions for use, and they are not expensive. Trivio offers truly top-level quality at a competitive price!