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Bad luck on the way with Arthur Pagnaer

Planning a bike ride? Then you can provide yourself with a number of things for when you have bad luck along the way. But what do you have to bring with you? A difficult question, answered by Arthur Pagnaer! With the following articles from Trivio you can make a cycling trip without any worries.

As a competitive cyclist, I spend a lot of hours on my bike every week. Sometimes you have to deal with bad luck. Especially in the winter months when a wide base has to be laid and the roads are not as good, it sometimes happens that you get a flat tire faster. Trivio gave me the opportunity to test these products, so I can share my personal opinion about the products with you.

First of all, you need a saddlebag for storing your stuff, which saves a lot of space in the back pockets of your shirt. My Trivio saddlebag size (M) is easy to use and you can store a lot in it. This way you can easily get two inner tubes, CO2-Adapter+ 2 units and the set of tire levers easily tucked away and even then there is still room to take a multitool with you.


With the Trivio tire levers, removing a tire from a rim is a lot easier. They are larger so you can apply more power to them and they also have a lip at the end, which makes it much easier for you to get under the tire and not to slide out with your tire lever, which makes the tire slip off more quickly. You can also easily store them because you can also click them together so you can store them compactly and they require little space.

Thanks to the Trivio CO2 Adapter, using a hand pump is a thing of the past. The adapter is equipped with a tap that opens and closes with which you can adjust the pressure in the valve exactly. So the remaining pressure in the unit can be saved for a next moment. The 16 grams CO2 unit of Trivio is equipped with a neoprene shell that prevents freezing wounds to the hands. So you can get your tire back to the right pressure in seconds and you lose much less time. It also takes less effort than with a hand pump.


Thanks to these Trivio products, I can finish my training with pleasure and help myself if necessary.