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    Aligning your disc brakes can be frustrating. Every time you screw on the caliper, you can still hear the disc touching the pads slightly afterwards. With the Trivio Disc Alignment Tool, this is a thing of the past.

    How to use this tool:

    • Loosen the bolts of the brake caliper
    • Unfold the tool and place the slats on both sides between the disc and the brake pads
    • Squeeze the brake gently
    • Tighten the brake caliper bolts

    Save time and frustration when aligning your disc brakes with the Trivio Disc Alignment Tool.


    In stock

    The Trivio Disc Shark Multi Tool combines some useful functions to maintain your brake discs. You can quickly and easily check which disc thickness your brake discs have with the shark's gills. The shark's mouth serves to straighten out discrepancies in the disc. There is also the Shimano fitting on the tail with which you can unscrew and tighten Centerlock adapters and BSA bottom brackets. In addition, the nose of the shark consists of a contoured lip to push the pistons back into the brake caliper. Finally, the eye is a 5mm hexagon wrench to fit the most common bolts.

    In stock