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Need pedals for your racing, mountain, or city bike? Choosing the right pedals for every kind of cyclist is simplicity itself. Our high-quality racing pedals, for example, come in a carbon or aluminium variant. And don’t forget to select suitable cleats, which we also provide. Trivio is also the place to come to if it’s light and durable pedals for your mountain or city bike that you are after.


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    These plastic cleats snap in and out of your road bike pedal quickly and smoothly. They are compatible with Look Kéo clipless pedals and have anti-slip layers. So no dangerous situations both on and off the bike. The soft material and anti-slip layers ensure that you also walk comfortably on your road bike shoes.

    The cleats are available in 2 options. The black version is fixed in the pedal without any freedom of movement of the shoe. The red allows a free movement angle of 7 ° which can provide extra comfort for sore knees or joints.

    Available in multiple variants

    Look is the pioneer of clipless pedals. Kéo is the flagship in the Look range. To replace worn Kéo cleats the Trivio variant is the perfect alternative. These cleats are available in red (7°) and black (0°) and are supplied with mounting bolts. Furthermore, this version is provided with an anti-slip layer, which makes it safer and more comfortable to walk.
    Available in multiple variants

Trivio racing bike pedals - top of their class

The racing bike pedals are the latest addition to the wide Trivio collection. These high-quality, top-of-the-range pedals are available in a carbon and an aluminium version.

The carbon Race pedals have an aerodynamic design and are made of a lightweight carbon composite material (174g/set). The result is a top-class pedal of the very highest quality. The carbon pedals are available in black. The aluminium Race pedals weigh 201 grams per set. Both designs have a smooth entry and release mechanism for safe and comfortable rides. The adjustable spring tension allows you to determine how much force you need to use to click in and out. Our racing bike pedals are supplied with cleats and fixing bolts.

Ideal combination with cleats

The pedals form a perfect combination with the Trivio cleats. These cleats are compatible with both Look Kéo and Shimano SPD-SL. The Trivio cleats are an ideal alternative for replacing worn Kéo or SPD-SL cleats. These cleats come in a variety of float options and are supplied complete with fixing bolts. The cleats also feature a non-slip surface for safer and more comfortable walking.

Mountain bike and trekking pedals

Our mountain bike and trekking pedals are strong and durable. Thanks to their anti-slip profiles, they provide a firm grip in all conditions. For optimum safety, the pedals are fitted with reflectors.