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Comfort is important! Good bar tape mean having a comfortable and firm grip. Everyone feels and experiences it in their own way. That’s why we have a wide range of bar tapes in different colours. There are bar tapes for every bicycle!


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Bar tapes

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    Spugna is made of EVA foam material with extreme shock absorbing properties. This makes the handlebar tape very comfortable and thanks to the unique profile provides excellent grip. These properties are ideal for making long bike rides comfortable. The handlebar tape is 2.5 mm thick, 3 cm wide, 180 cm tall and weighs 47 grams.

    Trivio Soft handlebar tape combines a soft and comfortable grip with a stylish look. The perforations in the ribbon provide good sweat drainage, ventilation and give your bike an exclusive finish. This handlebar tape is 180cm long, 3cm wide and 2.5mm thick. It weighs 67g and consists of PU + E.V.A. material. Plastic endcaps in carbon look finish are included.

    Cork Pro handlebar tape is made from a soft cork material that provides comfort and grip. It has got perforations that drain sweat and keep your palms dry. The tapes are 2.5 mm thick, 180 cm long and 3 cm wide and weigh 42 grams. It is made from EVA foam cork material that has good cushioning properties.

    The carbon look handlebar tape is a stylish addition for any road bike. This ribbon offers comfort and grip. It is 2.5 mm thick and 180 cm long. The typical woven carbon surface gives every bike an exclusive look. There are several different color variants available. The ribbon weighs 95 grams and is made of high quality PVC material.

    Cork handlebar tape provides grip and comfort at a competitive price. Through a combination of cork, gel and E.V.A. material you will enjoy a comfortable grip during long bike rides. This ribbon is 180cm long, 3cm wide and weighs 67g. Its thickness of 2.5mm ensures optimum damping of vibrations. Carbon look plastic end caps are included.

    Super Grip handlebar tape has extremely good shock absorbing properties. The combination of latex and EVA materials ensures this bar tape will absorb any vibration and offers supreme comfort. The surface is provided with a profile that ensures very good grip and hold. The tape is 2.5 mm thick, 3 cm wide, 180 cm long and weighs 77 grams. It is available in several colors.
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    Every clyclist likes the PRO handlebar tape. Its leather look offers comfort and grip. Furthermore it provides each bike with a qualitative and beautiful finish. This tape is 2.5 mm thick, 180 cm long, 3 cm wide and weighs 87 grams. It is made of PVC material having good cushioning properties.

    These aluminum handlebar plugs are the finishing touch to every road handlebar. By tightening the allen screw, the plugs will clamp firmly into the handlebar. This makes the handlebar end look neat and firmly finished. Unlike the standard plastic plugs, these high-quality models will never disappear unnoticed from the handlebar. They are available in black, red or silver colors.

Our bar tapes are:

inclusive of carbon-look end plugs
180cm long, 3cm wide, and 2.5mm thick
light in weight
very comfortable

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