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Trivio helmen

Helmets. Luckily, it's impossible to imagine cycling without a helmet nowadays. Here at Trivio, as well as helping to make your cycling adventures fun, we want to help keep you safe too. We combine pleasure and safety by developing helmets that are comfortable and provide the perfect fit, for optimum protection. We have developed helmets, featuring optimum ventilation incorporated into really stylish designs, for racing cyclists, mountain bikers, and city cyclists.



Safe on the road with a cycling helmet

Be responsible when cycling, and always wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet can help prevent injury. Thanks to their cleverly designed shape and their ventilation system, you will hardly even notice you are wearing your helmet. And the adjustable knob at the back of the helmet makes it very easy to adjust.

All our helmets come with a removable insect net and helmet bag.

They are very easy to adjust thanks to the handy fitting system.

The internal padding is made from antibacterial material.