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Your safety on the bike is very important to us at Trivio, which is why we see a bicycle bell as a vital accessory on your racing, mountain or city bike. It's not only a lot safer for you, but also for your fellow road users. We have developed a range of compact, integrated bicycle bells specially for racing bikes and mountain bikes. These integrated bells ensure perfect and unobtrusive positioning on your handlebar.


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    With the Trivio Easyfit bell everyone will hear you coming from far away. This lightweight bell with loud sound guarantees your safety during every bike ride. Thanks to the elastic mounting rubbers the Easyfit is very easy to assemble and disassemble. The mounting system is compatible with all handlebar diameters. The bel with mounting system included weighs only 24 grams.

    The Trivio Mini bell, you can see it barely but hear it well. Its compact form is hardly noticeable. However, the pure decibels he produces are far audible. All the people in front of you will clear the road without a doubt. The mounting ring fits max handlebardiameter of 22mm.